Mold Testing

Do you have Mold, residential or commercial?

We can send in a licensed Mold Technician to inspect your property and test for Mold. Based on the Mold Testing, the licensed Mold Technician will write up a complete Mold Report and make a determination if you need Mold Remediation.

Based on the Mold Report we can send in a Licensed Mold Crew to eliminate the Mold in your property. Our crews have years of experience with dealing with property damage and all types of mold issues. As part of the mold clean up will we isolate the mold damaged are and bring in all the necessary cres and equipment to get the job done

Some mold is covered by your insurance company while others are not. We recommend you check with your insurance company. Either way our mold crews will get the job done and allow your property to be mold free.

Call us now at 1-516-499-6005 for all your mold clean up needs. We handle residential as well as commercial mold clean ups.

Along with mold testing and mold clean ups we will work on your property to get you or your tenant back in.

Fully Licensed and Insured

Certified Technicians

Years of Experience

30 Minute Response Time

FREE Estimates

Emergency Services

Call Water Flood Clean Up now for all your Commercial, Water, Fire and Smoke property damages at

1-516-499-6005 or 1-516-300-9990

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