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Did your property suffer Smoke Damage? We are a licensed restoration company we provide professional Smoke Damage Cleanup services. We handle Smoke Damage though-out the Long island area. If you Suffered Smoke Damage

Asa professional restoration company we handle Smoke Damage clean ups in Nassau County, Suffolk County and the New York City area. A lot of times your property will have more damage from Smoke than from the actual Fire. We see this all the time especially in closed in spaces that don’t have a lot of windows or are hard to vent during the fire. these areas include basements in houses, apartments, ware houses as well as manufacturing facilities.

Smoke damage also depends on whats burning inside the house or the commercial property. We have seen houses with minor Fire Damage but because of what burned the rest of the house is completely covered with Smoke Damage. Same thing in apartments and commercial properties.

Usually to mitigate the Smoke Damage properly you just can’t clean the structure or the contents you have no choice but to rip out the Smoke Damage structure and replace the Smoke Damaged contents items.

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Fire Damage house in Nassau County

Water Flood Clean Up will provide your damaged property with all necessary services to clean up you Smoke Damage. Doesn’t make a difference if your Smoke Damage was from a Fire, Puff Back or any other cause of Smoke Damage our experienced technicians know what it takes to clean up your Smoke Damaged Property.

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We work with Insurance companies, properly documenting the clean up so you are fully paid for all the restoration work in your Merrick NY property.

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Areas where Water Flood Cleanup provides Water, Flood, Fire, Smoke, Wind, Storm, Puff Back, Sewer Backup, Water Extraction, Structure Cleanup, Mold removal, Dry outs, and what ever needs to be done to get you back in your property, including residential and commercial properties.

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Smoke, Fire and Water damage, you need to call Water Flood Cleanup Company.

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