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Water damaged house in Oyster Bay New York

Another water damage property cleaned up by Water Flood Cleanup Company. If you suffer damage to your property don’t wait call us at 516-499-6005 now. We clean out all damaged structure, clean and store all damaged contents items and separate all damaged contents items to be saved so your insurance adjuster can view items and document damaged contents. We work with all insurance companies for payment of the clean up of your property. Call us now for a FREE review of you water damaged property.

Water damaged house
Water Damaged Property in Oyster Bay New York

Water damaged house in Nassau County NY

Another water damaged house in Nassau County taken care of by Water Flood Cleanup Company. Our professional water clean up technicians were called in to clean up water damage in multiple rooms. A pipe in one of the upstairs bathrooms broke and damaged multiple rooms including the kitchen, living room and a finished basement. Our technicians came in and used their water meters and thermal imaging to determine the extent of the damage. The helped the insured file their insurance claim and then explained the extent of the water damage and what needed to be done to restore their house.

The water technicians began moving contents around salavaging as much as possible. All damaged items were stored until the insurnace adjuster could come to take pictures and document the extent of the damages

once the content was secured the technicians then began opening the ceilings, walls and floors that were determined to be to wet from the water to be saved. Extensive pictures were taken along with moisture readings and logs created for the insurance claim.

Once the water damaged ares were completely removed or exposed professional drying equipment was bought in to start the drying process. After running three days of blowers, air purifiers and dehumidifiers the family was able to move back into the house.

Another job well done.

If you suffer property damage from water or any other type of peril call us as your local professional Water Clean Up company. Call us no at 1-516-499-6502 for a free review of your damages.

Professional Water Mitigation company

As a professional Water Mitigation company we come in to the water damaged property residential or commercial, dry out the wet structure as well as the contents and rip out the damaged areas.

Call us now at 1-516-300-9990 or 1-516-499-6005 for a FREE review of the water damaged property.

Call Water Flood Clean Up now at

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