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Did your property in Plainview NY suffer property damage? Water Fire, Smoke Flood, whatever damaged your property call us now at 1-516-499-6005. Our professional service providers will provide complete clean up services for your property in Plainview NY.

Their professional cleanup crews come to you to review the damages for FREE.

They will lay out a plan to get all structure and contents damages cleaned up.

Water Flood Cleanups service providers handle property damages both that are covered by Insurance and those that are not.

If you have a covered property damage claim they prepare a complete scope of damages using the Insurance industries software. Your carrier will see what was done and can help with you receiving the maximum settlement for your damages for your Plainview NY property.

What do our service providers offer you:

Fully Licensed and Insured

Extensive Training

Local Company

FREE Review of Damages 

Emergency Plumbing

Years of Experience

Fast Response Time

Satisfaction Guaranteed

 All Insurance Accepted 

Residential & Commercial

FREE Estimates

Emergency Services

Locally Owned

Claims Assistance

Commercial quipment

Water Damage Clean Up Equipment
Water Dry Out Blowers for Water Property Damage

Who do we work with?

Property Management Companies.

Insurance Companies, Brokers and Adjusters.

Residential Property Owners and Tenants

Commercial Property Owners and Tenants

Landlords, Co-op and Condo owners

Plumbers, Roofers and Construction Companies

If you need a property damage cleanup, you should call these guys. Thier network of people take care of all types and cleanups quickly got us back in our house.

Jenny H.

Came home to a mess from sewage back-up in our basement. They took care of the whole cleanup for us including our structure damage and contents. If you come home to a mess, you should call these guys.

Lenny J.

We suffered a fire to our house in Nassau County. We called them as a local fire cleanup company. They took care of all the cleanup and had everything organized to help get a large settlement from our insurance company.

Jay F.

There was water damage on our Plainview NY house. We called Water Flood Cleanup Company and everything was cleaned up and prepared to be inspcted by our insurnace adjuster.

Dan M.

A car had crashed into our house. We called Water Flood Cleanup Company they provided temporary support to our damaged house in Plainview Ny and cleaned up all the mess.

Lucy L.

We had a sewer backup and called a local water sewage cleanup company in Plainview NY. Water Flood Cleanup took care of all the smelly mess.

Nina F.

Plainview NY Property Damages
Water Damaged house in Plainview NY

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for all your Plainview NY property damages.

Our providers work with all Insurance companies helping you get your property damage claim settled. Everything is properly documented regarding the cleanup so you are fully paid for all the restoration work in your damaged property. Below are some of the insurance companies our providers have worked  with.  

They make sure all your damaged structure is properly dried out and cleaned or removed. Your contents will be cleaned and set up to be itemized for your claims adjuster. All other contents items will be placed in storage based on your requirements.

Allstate Insurance
Chubb Insurance
Hartford Insurance
State Farm Insurance
Travelers Insurance
Liberty Mutual Insurance

Some of areas where Water Flood Cleanups service providers takes care of Water, Flood, Fire, Smoke, Wind, Storm, Puff Back, Sewer Backup, Water Extraction, Structure Cleanup, Mold removal, Dry outs, and whatever needs to be done to get you back in your property, including residential and commercial properties.

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Disclaimer: We work with multiple restoration and mitigation companies as well as other vendors to help you get your property damages cleaned up and restored. The service providers are independent companies. We do not guarantee or warranty any work performed by the companies we recommend and cannot be held liable or responsible for any work contractors or vendors perform. You as the property owner should verify that any contractors or vendors you hire provide you with the necessary license and insurance based on the work you contract with them. We do not endorse any contractors or vendors you choose to hire for the work needed. Water Flood Cleanup Company does not provide any warranties or representations to work, labor or services that the contractors and vendors provide. By choosing contractors and vendors a customer has agreed to be bound by the terms of this disclaimer.

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